What are Geotek Coring Ltd and Geotek Coring Inc?

You may have heard or seen the name ‘Geotek Coring’ in various places around the world and wondered how this relates to Geotek Ltd.

Geotek Ltd, the original UK company, has grown in recent years.  In order to streamline the business, it has recently been restructured so there are now three Geotek companies with a common goal: to collect and analyse geological core samples for research and industry.

Geotek Ltd in the UK specialises in the analysis side of things. The Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) system is well known throughout the world.  We have now sold over 200 MSCL systems of various types while continuing to develop and upgrade them as technology advances.

Geotek Coring Ltd, also based in the UK, is the company which deals with our growing hydrate-related projects.  The company provides equipment and services on land and offshore to support national and international projects, in particular specialised pressure coring analysis with the PCATS system.

Geotek Coring Inc. is based in Salt Lake City in the USA and emerged from Geotek’s acquisition of Aumann Associates Inc.  The company builds and maintains specialist pressure and non-pressure coring tools for use in onshore and offshore locations.

Together, these three companies work in unison to provide unique specialised coring and analysis services for science and industry worldwide.