Pressure Coring

Pressure Coring

From Borehole to Laboratory Under Pressure

Geotek Coring provides a unique integrated service, from wireline pressure core acquisition in the borehole through to critical formation measurements under pressure in the field and in laboratories. Cores up to 3 m longs are cut and sealed at full in situ pressures in the borehole. This in situ pressure is retained through the entire process of field handling and analysis, sub-sectioning, transportation to laboratory sites, and finally into laboratory apparatus for detailed testing.

Field Work: Customized Service

Horizontal Cold Bath

Geotek Coring provides a customized service that focuses on the client’s specific goals to optimize the value of their field analysis. At the simplest level, projects may only require core collection and gas quantification from complete pressure cores. At the more comprehensive level, verification of target formation using X-ray imaging and non-destructive primary data can be acquired. Standard field operations use PCATS, which allows flexibility for subsample cutting, storage, and eventual transportation of pressurized samples to laboratory sites where further sophisticated tests can be conducted.

Advanced Laboratory Testing

Advanced laboratory testing is time consuming and is best performed in a controlled laboratory environment.  Never-depressurized core samples must be safely transported from the rig site to the shore based laboratory.  Here they can be safely stored before being transferred into pressurized test equipment to measure permeability, consolidation and strength parameters as required.  Further X-ray CT imaging and quantitative degassing can also be performed in the laboratory.  Geotek’s scientists are highly experienced in pressurized core sampling, handling and testing.

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