Wireline Coring Tools

Wireline Coring Tools

Coring Tools to Recover Every Formation

Geotek Coring has wireline coring tools to collect samples suitable for geological analysis from any formation. Soft materials, such as the top hundred meters of pelagic or hemi-pelagic marine sediments, are collected with the G-APC hydraulic piston corer. More lithified sedimentary formations can be cored with the G-XCB, with the extended rotary cutting shoe. Alternatively, the G-XCBP extended punch rotary corer is designed to collect interbedded soft and harder material using a spring-loaded ‘cookie cutter’ bit ahead of the main rotary bit. Very hard lithified sediments or bedrock can be penetrated using the G-RCB rotary corer.

Wireline Tools Mean Flexible Sampling

Quality core material can only be collected using the proper coring approach. A rotary corer that collects continuous sticks of rock core can seriously disturb or even homogenize very soft sediment formations. As the properties of a formation changes downhole, the coring tools can be switched to adapt to these changes. The Common Bottom Hole Assembly allows the suite of Geotek Coring tools to run without requiring a pipe trip. Use of wireline coring tools also allows alternation with in situ measurement tools (temperature, strength, pore pressure) and the use of wireline logging tools after the coring is complete.

Tools Coring System Application Sample Length

G-APC Geotek Advanced Piston Corer

Hydraulic Piston Coring System

Very soft to medium formations

6m or 9.5m (≈ 20' or 31')

G-XCB Geotek Extended Core Barrel

Rotary Extended Shoe Coring System

Medium to very firm formations

6m or 9.5m (≈ 20' or 31')

G-XCBP Geotek Extended Punch Core Barrel

Rotary Extended Punch Coring System

Soft to firm formations with interbedded medium to very firm layers

6m or 9.5m (≈ 20' or 31')

G-RCB Geotek Rotary Core Barrel

Rotary Coring Barrel

Hard formations

6m or 9.5m (≈ 20' or 31')