Core Transportation

Pressure Core Transportation

Safe, Legally Compliant Transportation of Pressurized Samples

Transportation of pressurised samples by sea or road is governed by national and international regulations.  Often pressure core samples contain highly pressurised flammable gases, which increase the regulatory burden. To comply with the appropriate transport regulations Geotek has developed the PTrans System.  This system is compliant with the US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and other national and international regulations for transportation of these types of dangerous goods.

Containerised Transportation with Controlled Climate

Geotek Coring’s PTrans System is built inside a modified 20-foot ISO ‘explosion proof’ reefer container in order to comply with transportation regulations.  Up to ten pressurised samples are stored inside individual overpacks inside the container, which are designed to prevent release of gases in the event of a pressure failure.  The container maintains constant temperature using an external power source, which can be provided by sea freight and road freight transportation companies.

Proven Sea and Land Transportable

The PTrans System has been used recently to transport pressurised samples of natural gas hydrate, maintaining both the pressure (200 bar) and the temperature (6˚C), over a 3-month period from Sapporo, Japan, to Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA.  It has also been used to transport pressurised gas hydrate core samples in the summertime by road between Port Fourchon, Louisiana, USA, and Austin, Texas, USA.