Wireline Coring Services

Scientific Quality; Geotek Coring

Geotek Coring (following its predecessor company AAI) have long been associated with scientific drilling programs, providing a suite of wireline coring tool systems for the Japanese IODP drilling vessel D/V Chikyu.  Coring efficiency and core quality are our key goals in geological formations that can range from nothing more than a thick soup through to the hardest rock formations.  Geotek Coring also provides a highly specialized pressure coring capability allowing downstream pressure core analysis, which continues to be a major focus for Geotek to support the gas hydrate investigations and the future oil and gas shale market.

Complete Wireline Coring Service

Geotek Coring provides a suite of coring tools for all formations, from soft near surface sediments through lithified sediments to hard rock, including a pressurized coring system for expansive, gassy formations.   Our experienced tool operators run the tools in close coordination with the client’s drilling engineers to ensure their optimum efficiency and performance.  Our ‘Borehole to Laboratory’ quality philosophy and experienced geoscientist oversight ensures that the samples are fit for purpose when they reach the testing or analysis stage, whether this is done at the rig site or subsequently in a land based laboratory setting.