Field Analysis

Pressure Core Field Analysis

Why Analyze Pressure Cores in the Field?

Immediate rig site field assessment of the captured pressure core material allows confirmation that the corer has collected the appropriate target intervals. Additionally, if the pressure core is to be analyzed beyond simple depressurization/degassing, then pressure core handling is required to move the core from the coring tool into analysis or storage chambers. Simple field analysis can provide a lot of added value with little additional time or cost if pressure core handling will be needed.

Field Analysis Provides Primary Data

PCATS, the Pressure Core Analysis and Transfer System, is used to accept all pressure cores collected by our pressure coring tools.  X-ray imaging is used to scan the core immediately, allowing clients to see exactly what the corer has collected.  Density and P-wave velocity are also measured, providing key properties of the core while under pressure.  All of these three non-destructive testing parameters are used to choose locations for sub-sampling and further analysis.

Field Handling Allows Both Field and Laboratory Analysis

Sometimes pressure cores are collected and immediately depressurized directly from the core barrel. Geotek Coring has always considered this a poor return on a the coring investment.  Using PCATS, cores can be sub-sectioned and different portions of the core retained under pressure for different forms of analyses depending on the application.  Some of the core sections might be depressurized, to quantitatively collect and analyze the gas composition.  Other samples can be shipped under pressure to laboratory locations for further advanced testing.  This range of options greatly enhances the value of each and every pressure core.